Points Table

Cricket point table is a tabular representation of the scores secured by individual players along with the score achieved by all players playing in a team. As cricket being an international sport; it is played on a large scale, with many followers of the sport. So, there arose a need to keep a record of all the data included in the game. Hence, the point table came into existence.

The point table holds record of the number of matches that the team has played. It then categorizes them into how many of them have been won, and how many of them are lost. The matches which have ended with a draw are also recorded and entered into the point table. The point table includes various aspects of cricket and the sportsperson. The maximum score secured by the batsman, or the number of wickets taken by the bowler, highest and lowest runs secured by a player, etc are taken into record.

The point table also categorizes the top level players and ranks them. The batsmen's average can also be very well included in the point table as it stands to be one of the important aspects of his career.

As cricket has various formats, each format holds its position in the sportsman life. The point table has to be maintained for each format and for each player. Though a lot of work goes into the compiling of the point table, these days, with the computer updates, it has become invariably easy.

Below is IPL 2015 Points Table
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