Points Table before last matches of Super Eight

Only 4 games left to be played in the super eights and the various permutations and combinations have started to predict which 4 teams will move on to the semi finals of the T20 World Cup. Group 1 has Sri Lanka on the top of the table with 4 points after beating both New Zealand and West Indies. Their run rate too seems quite impressive with a +1.02. England is one the second spot after winning 1 match out of the 2 and they can well be in the semi final if they beat Sri Lanka in the last match. West Indies too have a good chance of getting into the semi finals if they beat New Zealand in their last match and if Sri Lanka beats England in the second match of the day. So things are quite tensed and only time will tell which 2 teams will proceed in the next round. New Zealand can only hope for a miracle in order to qualify for the semi finals because they have lost 2 of their matches and with the form they are in it will be hard to recover from such a loss.

Group 2 has bigger confusions waiting for the team when they play their last match. Australia has a very good chance of advancing to the semi finals from the group. Both India and Pakistan can finish on 4 points if they win their respective final group league matches because they are both tied on 2 points but India are behind Pakistan due to the run rate. If that happens three teams will be tied on 4 points each and the net run rate will come into effect. If India lose to South Africa and Pakistan win against Australia then Pakistan will go through to the semi finals. However if India win against the Proteas and Pakistan lose to Australia then India will go on to the semi finals. If all these fails and Australia beat Pakistan and India lose to South Africa then three teams will be tied on 2 points each and then the net run rate will again come into play to decide the second semi finalist from this group.

Oct 1, 2012
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