TUCC stars listed for IPL Auction

Five youngsters who had played for different teams during the inaugural edition of the Toyota University Cricket Championship have been included in the IPL Auction Player List. All of them will be put on sale in Bangalore where the IPL Auction 2014 will be taking place at the end of the next week.

The names of those 5 players are Kaunain Abbas, Shreyas Gopal, R Samarth (All Jain University) and Saurabh Netrawalkar, Siddhesh Lad (University of Mumbai).

A couple of these guys i.e. Abbas and Gopal are being seen as rare talents. Abbas’ power hitting abilities had caught the eyes of almost everybody who was following that University Championship. He had shown that he could send even good deliveries out of the park using his brute force and seeing his name in the IPL Auction Player List would not have taken too many people by surprise.

As far as Gopal is concerned, he might not be capable of hitting the ball as hard as Abbas, but, he is a very useful batsman and to go with it, he can give the ball a bit of a tweak too. He is a Shane Warne kind of leg spinner who makes the ball turn at a good speed and has some varieties as well. He has had a top domestic season and if he gets into the IPL and performs well there too, he might find himself in the Indian dressing room a few months down the line.

The other three blokes are pretty good too especially Lad who has played a few matches for Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy this season. The IPL franchises generally don’t hesitate too much in investing big in these sorts of raw talents. So, these players can hope of a good deal in the IPL Auction.

Mar 11, 2014
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