The Points Table For ICC T20 World Cup 2012

One of the biggest events in cricket is round the corner. It is agreed by all that the shortest version of cricket is the most exciting version and there is nothing like it when there is a world championship of the t20 matches. The ICC World T20 championship tournament will be starting from September 18. The tournament will be hosted by the island country of Sri Lanka. There will be as many as twelve teams participating in the tournament. Ten of these teams are the test playing nations of the world while the remaining two, Ireland and Afghanistan have qualified through the qualifier tournament that has been held earlier this year.

The T20 World Cup points table format will not be very different from that of 2010 edition. There are going four groups with three teams in the preliminary round. According to the t20 world cup points table, two teams from one group will get qualified for the stage of Super Eight in the tournament. There will be two groups in the Super Eight stage. Then, the teams from this stage will move on to play the semi finals of the tournament. The final two teams that would qualify from the semis would be playing the grand finale. In the group stage and in super eight stage, teams that will win get two points and one if there is no results. No points for losers.

The groups of the prelims are A, B, C and D. Now, the winner of A and C will enter to the group E of Super Eight Stage and runners up A and C will enter to group F of Super Eight. Similarly, the winners from group B and D will enter to group F whereas the runners from group B and D will move onto group E. So, the teams in group E of Super Eight Stage are A1, B2, C1, D2 and the teams in the group F of Super Eight Stage are A2, B1, C2 and D1.

Now, the best two teams from each group of E and F will move into the semis. The winner of group E and the runner of group F will play the first semi-final match and the winner of group F and the runner of group E will face each other in the second semi-final match of the tournament. The team which will rise from the two semis will face each other in the grand finale.

Sep 14, 2012
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