Atletico De Kolkata at the top of the ISL table

Atletico De Kolkata went three points clear at the top of the table by beating North East United at the Indira Gandhi Stadium, Guwahati. It was another dominant show by the Bengal Tigers as they crushed the hosts who had a huge support. 

Fikru Teferra, the golden boy of Atletico, was on with his somersaults again as he scored the opener for his team in the first half. He made his way into the D where there were a couple of North East full backs to tackle and also there was the goalie who was charging forward, but, Fikru’s job became easier as he got a very well directed pass which he controlled on the chest first, brought it down with extreme precision and then, a perfect volley landed to the left side of the net. 

The goal was, although, a result of Luis Garcia’s brilliant playmaking, but, Fikru doesn’t deserve lesser credit simply because of the fact that he just did not give any time to the opposition players there in the box to react and try to make a clearance. He was on to it in a flash and before anybody could realize, the net was shaken. 

North East United’s hope rose in the final few minutes of the game when Borja Fernandez was sent off by the referee for picking up two yellow cards leaving Atletico with only 10 players. But, that seemed to relax the defence of the home team as they thought the opposition would just try and defend in the remaining time, but, that didn’t happen. A blunder made by Sanju Pradhan in the stoppage time gave Jakub Podany, the Czechoslovakia player, an easy chance to score his first goal in the tournament. It was 2-0 Atletico with that strike and the game was over.

Oct 19, 2014
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